Bi-weekly Newsletter from KCG
Oct, 1st - 15 th, 2012


  Introduction: The bi-weekly newsletter from Kent Consultancy Group (KCG) is dedicated to share our news and best practices on serving customers as a top tier educational consulting firm. It is designed to assist you to understand more about the value propositions and mission of KCG.  
  Oral English Course Going On Smoothly  
  Since the oral English course is rolling out in September, 2012, it is well accepted in the market. Grades 6-11 students actively sign up the course. Meanwhile, more and more tutors from America and Canada join KCG to contribute efforts to improve Chinese students’ oral English. Recently, KCG is involving herself actively to arrange orientation trainings for tutors and setting up time schedule for both tutors and students. All those hard work is for making sure that the oral English courses are conducted with high quality.  
  Trip to the USA  
  A child of one KCG’s customer is going to apply for academic study in the USA this year. In early October,KCG assisted them to arrange a three-day campus visit, and set up meetings with alumni, school professors and local students. Parents and the child visited several top tier schools such as Columbia University, Harverd University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, and University of California at Berkeley, etc. They not only gained personal and strong impression on schools' facility, faculty, students and surrounding community, but also achieved more firsthand rich and worthy experience and guidance for school selection and application.  
  Personal Education Counselor Case Study  
  A student from South China is studying in an American boarding school. KCG is providing personal education counselor service for her, including educational planning, psychological test (MBTI+STRONG), academic performance guidance and overseas assistance, etc.
In order to help this student perform well at school, KCG communicates with her regularly, follows up her study circumstances, and provides professional advice for her to get through the tough time. In September, KCG guided this student to complete course selection. In addition, vocabulary checking, English writing tutoring and reading assistance services are delivered on her demand.
So far, this student performs quite well and has earned good reputation at school. KCG will keep providing high quality and considerate services for her as usual.
  Update and Maintain Official Website  
  KCG is running a program to update and maintain her official website in order to build up a platform for more parents and students who have interests in KCG services. There are some events about new advisor, new office, summer tour, internal training and some personalized services such as vocabulary assistance, essay workshop, writing & speaking lab and oral English course. In addition, KCG creates a user-friendly login system for the Oral English Course. Tutors and students are accessible to upload and download related learning materials, and it is beneficial for them to prepare and review the lessons.
KCG will continuously update and maintain the website, sharing more information to the public.
  Social Recruitment  
  Along with business expanding, KCG is on her way to become stronger. In early October, a new round of social recruitment started. KCG is going to hire two more talents who will work in Shenzhen and Guangzhou Office respectively. After some interviews, a candidate has been offered for Shenzhen office, and the position in Guangzhou Office is still open. More interviews are underway. KCG hopes that more and more talents who devote themselves to the long-term development in education field can join in the professional team.  
  Sign Up Contracts with New Customers  
  KCG is developing steadily during these years, and constantly pursuing higher standard services for customers. Now she gradually establishes a personal education service system, providing various personalized education services for clients, and builds up good reputation in the market. Recently, KCG successfully signed up contracts with new customers, committing herself to deliver services such as oral English courses, personal education counselor and admission advisor. The admission advisor services include PhD application and transfer application guidance.
Many thanks to those new customers as well as the current ones for their constant supports, KCG will provide high standard and considerate services as usual.
  Thank you for your time!  
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