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1. 《高中学生词汇通》,作者:诺曼·莱文, 罗伯特·莱文和哈罗德·莱文
2. 《词汇的乐趣》,作者:哈罗德·莱文和诺曼·莱文,罗伯特·莱文
3. 《词汇的成功课程》,作者:作者:哈罗德·莱文和诺曼·莱文,罗伯特·莱文

  An Assisting Kit for Vocabulary Study  

In China, the traditional English vocabulary study method is just to read and memorize English words from a vocabulary book. The most representative one is called “the Red Precious Book” edited and published by the New Oriental School. This old manner has two shortcomings: one is that the vocabulary is explained in Chinese, not in English and the second is that the study method is not a scientific approach to memorize and learn a word, involving only eyes and brains through a monotonous way.

Addressing the above two shortcomings, KCG introduced a new assistant kit for students to learn and remember English words. First, all the words are interpreted in English and inputted into excel tables, which we called Assistance Kits, in the form of vocabulary lists. Then KCG will send each word list to students so that they can use it as a tool to learn and memorize the words by reading, spelling, reciting, speaking and thinking in English. After that, KCG staff will meet students online to check if they really master those English words. Students are supposed to explain the meaning of each word in English according to their understanding and memory, without looking at the original definitions of those words. KCG will conduct the check in English and make corrections, reminders and comments according to students’ performance. In addition, KCG staff will share more knowledge about the words in terms of their typical applications and phrases. The goal of this methodology is to help students to learn and memorize words from their original definition through a more scientific way of involving eyes, hands, mouth and brain, all in English!

Base on this assistant kit, KCG is working on an English Vocabulary Study Course. Our references will include some of the most representative books from North America, such as:
1. “Vocabulary for High School Students”, Norman Levine, Robert Levine and Harold Levine
2. “The Joy of Vocabulary”, Harold Levine, Norman Levine and Robert T
3. “Vocabulary for Success Course”, Harold Levine Norman Levine Robert T Lev






  About PHS and SOP
Some Comments from A KCG's Adviser

The Personal History Statement (PHS) and the Statement of Purpose (SOP) are two critical articles used for UC Berkeley Graduate School Program Application. In fact, Berkeley is the only university requiring a PHS on top of a SOP, according to Dr. Jack Kwan, an adviser of KCG.

Dr. Kwan explained the principle of “Equal Opportunity”, indicating that the Berkeley is unique in promoting diversity through helping disadvantaged groups (e.g., ethnic minorities, handicapped, refugees, etc) who are underrepresented in higher education. Members from those groups are highly sought after by many universities, especially Berkeley.

In terms of the comparison of PHS and SOP, Dr. Kwan also stated his opinions:

Certainly, there are some overlaps between PHS and SOP. But, SOP addresses more on academic achievement and career plan whereas PHS emphasizes more on past personal and familial experience. Specifically, a candidate may describe in his PHS how he overcomes his hardships in the past (if he is from one of the disadvantaged groups) OR he may demonstrate he shares Berkeley's mission of promoting diversity by serving in any programs that target minority education (if he is not from a disadvantaged group).




  College Application Essay  

Apparently, college application essay are such critical papers that each student has to pour great deal of effort on drafting, proofreading and revision. There is no formula to follow so that you can work out an ideal article. But it does not mean you have no clue to follow.

From my limited experiences, it is sort of art to help students on proofreading and revising their essay. Keeping as much as 80-90% of the original writing from students, you add around 10% of the content, refining their thoughts, deed and stories and highlighting the key messages, the whole paper will look dramatically different and impressive on presenting their cases. To be really creative and original in this process, you have to get to know the students well in terms of their personalities, their background, their stories and their aspirations first. Then you need to pondering on how to present their cases given their original drafts and writing. Referring to your and many others' life experiences, specifically in the areas of education and career development, if you are lucky, you probably end up with some insights and findings. Those discoveries are normally about the student you are helping in terms of the relationship of his / her unique personalities or drivers and what he / she did. After figuring out those "logic" behind their experiences and stories, you will happily integrate those critical components into their papers and make their essay shining!





  School Profile Reports  

Edited by KCG as part of our services for prospective students of colleges / universities, the School Profile Report is a comprehensive depiction of a particular school. To provide in depth information for applicants, KCG comprises profile reports of all the Top 50 National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S. The reports cover the information about school’s history, academics and research, student life, notable alumni and faculty, admissions, and student reviews. The data and information used in each profile report are retrieved from a diversity of authorized sources, including the Wikipedia, US News, College Compass, College Board, Common Application, school official website and some other database available for the public.

For the college applicants, one of the most valuable components of this 60+ Pages report would be the Admissions. It elaborates all the entry requirements, additional requirements for international students, checklist, and the entering class stats. By reading this report, students should have better information and understanding about their target schools. Supposedly, that will help them when drafting the application essays and conducting admission interviews.

To view a sample College Profile, please click here.

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