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Build world class consulting firm, KCG was founded in 2007. KCG is dedicated to be the top consulting firm serving individuals. KCG focuses on providing top private consulting services for the youth of accomplished families on education and career preparation. KCG provides integrated services from educational planning, character profile, career direction guidance, coaching and tutoring on overall development, to school selection, application and private assistance on studying abroad.

M1 Planning
A complete and long term planning on education strategy (where to study and when to go abroad) is a critical and often ignored step.

M2 Character and Direction
Learning client¡¯s unique personality and preferences on career direction under proven scientific methodology is a good start point for life expedition.

M3 Comprehensive Development
To provide comprehensive development for our clients is not only for the sake of satisfying the taste of college admission officers; it is also building a foundation for clients to explore life¡¯s journey and learn who they are.

M4 School Selection and Application
Ambitious mind, clear goal, good planning, and wisely guided execution are building blocks of success for admission to top colleges.

M5 University Stay
Issues around studying abroad such as academics, living arrangement, networking, internship and job hunting are the main concerns from parents and students which are difficult to be handled without local resources.

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2012-09-25   Educational Planning Based on MBTI and Strong

2012-09-03   Internal Training

2012-09-01   KCG Launches an Oral English Course

2012-09-01   KCG's Summer Tours
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